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About Us

Just Reasonable Ltd is a non-profit company led by a voluntary board of directors and constituted to always be majority controlled by disabled people. We are a social enterprise, which means we earn our income from trading. Most of our income comes from representing disabled people in Employment Tribunal claims for discrimination under ‘no-win-no-fee’ representation agreements, we also provide specialist training and advice / opinions. As a social enterprise non-profit, we cannot distribute any profit we make, we reinvest it in research, training and pro bono services to improve disabled people’s access to justice and equality.

Just Reasonable Ltd is currently funding one PhD at University of Leeds, one SQE1 and one LLM Employment Law at De Montfort University. We hope to be able to grow the number of research and professional training opportunities for disabled people that we can fund. We have always been remote by default and have a majority neurodivergent team, working around each others’ strengths and needs flexibly and creatively.